Cat Climbing Ladder Set of 2 Wall Mounted Stair Pet Shelf Wood Furniture


Cat Stairs: Cats like to jump to high ground. Our ladders help cats from one place to another.
Material: Supported by natural wood, the surface is wrapped with sisal rope, which is very suitable for climbing, grinding and exercising.
Easy to use: Install the toy ladder on the wall.
Convenience: With this staircase, your cat can easily reach the balcony and cat habits.

Product Details 
Size: 40*22cm/15.75*8.66inch, step width 6cm/2.36inch

1 Year Warranty

If your cat is super energize and any part of sisal rope was ripped off within a year, let us know and we’ll send over a new rope to replace it.

Shipping & Return

We offer free shipping to selected countries within 5-9 business days reliable delivery options for every item. Within 30 days delivery, we offer a refund for most items.


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