Cat Tree Condo Scratcher Post Kitty Play House with Hammock Perches Platform


Type: Cat Tree
Material: Wood, Sisal Post
Type: Cat Toy
Color: Beige

Modern Design Car tree tower is made of high-quality particle board with a skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warm and comfortable, strengthened base with battens at the bottom to ensure its stability.

*Five Levels Platform Cat Tower for with Fully Scratching Posts for small to medium size Cats climbing;
*Tiered platforms provide space for your cat to play, climb, excise, and keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains.
*Natural jute fiber scratching posts help keep cat nails healthy.

1 Year Warranty

If your cat is super energize and any part of sisal rope was ripped off within a year, let us know and we’ll send over a new rope to replace it.

Shipping & Return

We offer free shipping to selected countries within 5-9 business days reliable delivery options for every item. Within 30 days delivery, we offer a refund for most items.

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