Cat Tree Tower Pets Play Tree Scratching Tree Climbing Jumping Toy

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Your feline friends need a cozy home of their own to take a rest, play around and be as active as they want. This beautiful multi-level Cat Tree is sure to be their dream-come-true! No need to go out; let your cat enjoy the same happiness as in the tree while they love their new castle.


It's made of high-quality particle board with skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warmed and cozy,strengthened base with battens at the bottom to ensure its stability.

It's anti-dumping accessories ensure double safety while the Spacious room offer super soft and warm lounging spots with a Multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens.

Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions. Super solid construction, well-balanced design, strong base, and cats can easily leap on or off this cat tree. 

Product details
Material: Fir wood, plush cover, and sisal post
Base dimension: 40cm x 40cm; Height: 112m

1 Year Warranty

If your cat is super energize and any part of sisal rope was ripped off within a year, let us know and we’ll send over a new rope to replace it.

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