Cats are a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation for their owners. However, sometimes the issue of owning and caring for a cat could make us uneasy and agitated. Adjust to owning a cat, training a cat, establishing new routines, acquainting new cats with existing pets. Finding solutions to various responsibilities as a cat owner is all likely to be a source of stress and worry for a new cat owner.
Today we will be sharing ten handy tips to help you adjust  to all the responsibilities that come with being a new cat owner, thereby curbing the level of anxiety.

1. Create a bond: This should be a no-brainer but a good relationship with your cat is beneficial for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of both you and your cat. A good way to do this is to spend more time playing with your cat. Make sure you take a few minutes to pet your cat too.

2. Understand cat behavior: The more you learn about feline behavior, the more you will be able to understand why your cat behaves the way it does. As we know, cats are individuals with unique personalities. There are a lot of free resources on the internet to help educate you. You could also follow along with the journeys of other cat owners via social media.

3.Talk to a cat specialist: Interacting with your cat and you notice unusual behavior? Make sure to book an appointment with an experienced cat specialist. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cat is sick but to be on the safe side, this is the best thing to do. Regular wellness care is of utmost importance for any pet. Those appointments help you keep a clear mind knowing your cat is either healthy or unhealthy.

4. Accept that they won’t be around forever: One of the most devastating parts of pet ownership is coming to terms with the fact we will have to say goodbye to our beloved cats whose lifespans are not equal to ours. Don't overthink this because it is a natural part of pet ownership. Seek a certified therapist to counsel you on tackling this issue.

5.Get a pet cam: If you are worried about not being able to check up on your cat while you’re away,  consider getting a pet cam. It will allow you to call home, see your pet via a camera and it can see you too. Some pet cams come with treat dispensers, so you can spice things up and give your cat a yummy treat.

6. Allow your cat to socialize: If you have family members around, get them to spend time with your cat. Alternatively, you can hire a cat sitter for the parts of the day you are at work, as socializing your pet will help it become less attached to one person.

7.Exercise and eat well: Fitness, wellness, and overall health  are incredibly beneficial to pet owners. People who exercise are better able to focus and manage their responses better in stressful situations. Likewise, a healthy diet gives you the energy and the stamina for regular fitness as well as to cope with any situations that triggers  induce stress.

8.Rest and sleep well: We all know that proper rest and sleep are of extreme importance. Regular sleep helps one stay alert, boost memory. Be active and replenish tissues damaged by stress. As a pet owner, this is exactly what you need. Endeavor to take afternoon naps as this has countless advantages including anxiety relief.

9. Discourage your cat from exploring forbidden surfaces: Cats are naturally curious and will jump on counters or other places you’d like them to steer clear of surfaces may be poisonous or dangerous to them. With time and patience, you can teach your cat to stay away from  protected areas. Having them trained will help you relax knowing they know which places to avoid.

10.Set up a routine: As with almost every other thing in life, having a routine way of doing things naturally helps us feel at peace and that we have everything under control.Establishing a daily routine that you go through with your cat will help you feel calmer and help you ease as a cat owner.

We understand that getting used to being a cat owner can sometimes be more stressful than imagined. That is why we have designed a Cat life Planner to help you cope with making the necessary adjustment. Today might be your lucky day because it is FREE! All you need to do is enter your email address and download it now! 

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