Our Story

During the pandemic, our friend Jenny reach to us and express her feeling of anxiety about becoming a new cat owner. Jenny's cat is very attached to her while she is working at home, walking around to her working desk and following her everywhere in the house. She felt bad when she closed her kitty in the other room and couldn’t give her too much attention while she is working at home or left her at the house. Therefore, all those new adjustments cause her anxiety as she didn't know what to do with her cat. Does this sound like you or a friend who is welcoming a new cat to their home? That’s why we were born. We are here to support all new cat owners, listen to their concerns, worries, offering modern cat furniture for cat playing, climbing, excising and make your life easier, happier, while enjoying a joyful cat life journey.

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Cat Tree

Cat trees or cat climbers play a crucial role in cat life. They serve many purposes, which are invaluable to cats' well-being. The climbing poles double up as scratching posts, allowing the cat not only to take care of their claws and exercise the body muscles but also to leave their scent on comfortable soundings to satisfy cat emotions.

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